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 Postdate   Summary 
05/29/2020 Part time resume
Resume Category : -
Current Location : Ottawa - ON - Ontario
 Postdate   Summary 
05/18/2020 Artur Kleina Industrial biotechnologist/bioprocess
Resume Category : - Legal
Current Location : Mississauga - Ontario - Saskatchewan
 Postdate   Summary 
05/03/2020 My goal is to find a summer job that allows me to educate myself in the career field I am interested in while being able to give back to the community.
Resume Category : - Advertising
Current Location : Moose Jaw - Saskatchewan
 Postdate   Summary 
04/29/2020 Grade 12 Acquired, New to the Job market, Young, One Previous Employer
Resume Category : - Internet/New Media
Current Location : Elstow - SK - Saskatchewan
 Postdate   Summary 
04/28/2020 Dear HR, I would like to apply a job in logistics industry
Resume Category : - Marketing/PR
Current Location : Montreal - Quebec